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CNN: Fox News-Dominion Defamation Case Begins Today

MSNBC José Diaz-Balart Reports, April 18 | Twitter


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Jose Diaz-Balart
There is a lot of evidence and certainly during discovery they’ve gotten a lot of emails, texts that does in some way show people’s thought processes at a certain moment in time. Is that the kind of stuff that makes a difference for a jury?

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Ken Turkel
Yeah, and I think that’s the major distinguishing point in this case. There’s volumes of text messages, emails, slack, internal messaging, where any number of personnel from Rupert Murdoch all the way down are expressing, I wouldn’t say just apprehensions about the information, but are downright committing to the fact that they believe that they’re false or that the likelihood of falsity is so strong that they should be revisiting broadcasting it.

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Ken Turkel
This is going on real time while various shows are occurring with the named reporters: Hannity; Carlson; Piro and Bartiromo. So you’ve got this dichotomy of them seeing these reports. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, both the reporters themselves and the chain of command are in these dialogs regarding what the falsity issue is here and whether they should provide a platform for guests to talk about it.

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Ken Turkel
And then the next step of really what could be the problem, which is embracing what those guests were saying. And that’s really, I think, where the problem comes in.